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Elevating Real Estate Experiences in Hawaii

See why Westward Homes is the vibrant heart of Hawaii's real estate paradise.

Meet Our Founder!

Courtney Williams


Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams, the visionary founder of Westward Homes, embodies a passion for real estate cultivated through years of dedicated industry expertise. With a wealth of experience, Courtney has honed her skills in navigating Hawaii's dynamic market. As a military family member, she intimately understands the unique needs and aspirations of those seeking homes in the islands, leveraging this insight to curate tailored experiences for clients. Her journey has been shaped by the transient nature of military life, fostering a deep empathy and understanding of the significance of finding not just a house but a true home. Courtney's commitment to excellence, coupled with her personal experiences, fuels her drive to redefine real estate transactions. She leads Westward Homes with a mission to elevate the process, ensuring each client's journey is characterized by expertise, integrity, and a profound sense of belonging.

Our Community

At Westward Homes, our roots run deep in Hawaii's communities. With an intimate understanding of the state's diverse neighborhoods and cultural intricacies, we go beyond real estate. We're embedded within the fabric of Hawaii, sharing extensive local knowledge to guide clients toward homes that resonate with their dreams. We actively engage in community initiatives, cherishing and preserving the essence of Hawaii. Join us in celebrating community, culture, and the true spirit of Hawaiian living.

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Work With Us

At Westward Homes, we help you find your dream home in Hawaii. Our experienced real estate agents understand that finding the perfect home requires thoughtful attention to detail and individualized service. From start to finish, we will guide you through the process of finding and purchasing your forever home.

General Knowledge

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Customer Reviews

Courtney was awesome she made everything very seamless and honestly the easiest renting experience I’ve ever had. Highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or rent a home.
She answered all of our questions immediately and professionally
five stars all day.

Flynn S.

Working with Courtney while buying our home and renting it was amazing. She took the time to explain things to us and let us ask a million questions. She really made us feel valued and heard. I would highly recommend working with Courtney for your home buying

Samantha C.

Courtney has been nothing short of amazing to work with! She always went above and beyond to help us understand the process of renting out our home. She was quick to respond and address any concerns we had. We look forward
to working with her again in
the future.

Taylor W.

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