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Around the Island: Kapolei

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Kapolei is a rapidly growing urban center located on the west side of Oahu. It is often referred to as the "second city" of Oahu, as it serves as a significant hub for business, commerce, and residential development on the island. It’s where we’re seeing a lot of the newest development on the island (Ka Makana Ali’i Shopping Center, new Amazon distribution center, and finally a Chick-fil-a!)

  1. Location: Kapolei is situated on the western coast of Oahu, approximately 20 miles west of downtown Honolulu. The average commute time during peak traffic hours to JBPHH range from 35-50 minutes.

  2. Development: Kapolei has experienced substantial growth and development in recent decades, becoming a major suburban area of Oahu. It was originally planned as a master-planned community to alleviate some of the urban congestion in Honolulu and to provide residents with more housing and employment opportunities on the western side of the island. The newly opened rail system runs from Kapolei all the way to Aloha Stadium in Aiea.

  3. Business and Commerce: Kapolei is home to a wide range of businesses, including offices, retail centers, and industrial parks. It houses the Kapolei Business Park, Kapolei Industrial Park, and Kapolei Commons, a large shopping center with various stores and restaurants. Think Costco, Target, Tj Maxx, Home Depot, etc.

  4. Residential Areas: The area has seen a significant increase in residential development, with a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartment complexes. It offers a variety of housing options for both local residents and newcomers to the island. One of the nation’s largest builders, DR Horton, has built two expansive communities in Kapolei/Ewa Beach that have great parks, schools, recreation centers, pools, and more.

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  5. Recreation and Amenities: The area features recreational amenities such as parks, golf courses, and sports facilities. Kapolei Regional Park, for example, offers various sports fields, and there are multiple golf courses nearby. Kapolei is also only about 15 minutes from Ko Olina, a beautiful resort area with a public golf course, four manmade swimming lagoons, and boutique style shopping and restaurants.

  6. Transportation: Transportation options in Kapolei include bus services and major roadways like Farrington Highway and H-1 Freeway, providing easy access to other parts of Oahu, including downtown Honolulu.

  7. Residential Appeal: Many people are attracted to Kapolei due to its relative affordability compared to housing in downtown Honolulu. The area offers a more suburban lifestyle with access to urban amenities.


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